Great Chess Openings

Sally Knows Many Great Chess Openings

Sally is a chess genius because she knows many great chess openings; ways to defend and attack and sometimes doing both at the same time. Lucky for you, she is here to help you learn how to do great chess openings and how to defend against them too.

There are about 2000 Great Chess Openings here that Sally can show you but Sally will also list the TOP FIVE CHESS OPENINGS that she prefers. You may have an opening that you always like to play which could be either:


Or your favorite could be “The Sicilian Defense”.

Why Are Your First Few Moves So Important?

Your first moves are important moves in your game because they setup your pieces to help you control the center of the board, they can block other pieces of yours from making a critical protective move but more importantly; a good opening creates your plan on what you are attacking and defending.

Do Not Memorize

Do not try to memorize these openings because your opening can change depending on what your opponent is doing. Instead, learn to recognize them and how to defend against them.

Important – Win or Lose You’ll Learn

Sally will show you each one on this page “Learning Opening Moves”; but on the “Practice Opening Moves” page; Sally will practice with you opening moves and show you how to defend against each of them.

Here are just a few of Sally’s favorite Opening Moves:

1. The Ruy-Lopez

“Ruy Lopez” is known as the most classic of all openings and it was named after a Spanish bishop who wrote one of the first chess books, “Ruy Lopez”.

The Ruy Lopez opening begins with an attack to the opponents knight which defends the e5-pawn. White uses this strategy to attack blacks center.

The Ruy Lopez chess opening begins with these moves:
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5.

This opening gives White its best chance to get an advantage in making a double king-pawn opening. Both advanced and beginner players love this classic opening, and grandmasters too often play this opening.

2. The Sicilian Defense

If White plays “1.e4” for its first move; “The Sicilian Defense” is considered Blacks best way to defend. This opening has one of the highest Black win ratios, and is played by beginners and Grandmasters.

The Sicilian Defence has several types which are: Classical, the Dragon / Dragon Accelerated, Najdorf, Katalimov, Open and Closed Sicilian. It is an opening that allows you to do many things, as it can defensive, and if you love to attack, then “The Sicilian Defense” is your best choice when you’re playing Black.

White will play 2.Nf3 and 3.d4 to try to control the center of the board BUT when White does that it gives Black to chance to exchange a center pawn for a bishop’s pawn. This gives Black better control of the center.